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Finding general home contractors in LA that you can depend on can be difficult if you don’t know where or what to look for. The famous ones usually charge too much, and the ones that aren’t famous provide subpar services. An alternative to this is hiring a house framing company in LA, which removes the extra step of looking for a contractor, but doing this has its own problems. When you utilize a house framing company, even the average contractor you could hire for a lot less usually becomes more expensive, so what do you do? You find a company that offers outstanding services at an affordable rate. 

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Affordable But Remarkable

Axel Framing offers services worthy of the rates we charge is crucial for anyone looking to remodel their house, especially in these times. Spending money on a company that charges too much for that service is a waste. Our company knows this and so offers services that are fit for the rates we charge. The quality of our services is excellent, and the rates are affordable to anyone. The experts we hire, especially the wood framing contractors, are known to be the most famous in their field, ensuring an experience you won’t soon forget and consistent results that never fail to surprise. The equipment we provide our teams is another noteworthy aspect of our services; the latest gear in stock. This makes us far superior to the rest. Try our remodeling services, and you’ll agree.

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    Many Reasons For Choosing us

    Back Yard Patios

    Quality Materials

    Axel Framing Inc is a company that values customers and want to preform the best of the best for them. The quality of materials we aim for are ones that will last throughout time.


    Free Estimates

    We do free estimates without having you feel pressured to say yes. We want to ensure that with each estimate you understand what your paying for and what will be used. ‌


    24/7 Services

    We will respond withing 24-48 hrs.

    Our Projects

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    120 Our Client Review

    Our Client Review

    "I understand the importance of quality, skill, and attention to detail in this industry. Axel Framing INC exceeded my expectations with its exceptional remodeling services. The transformation of our space was truly remarkable, and the attention they paid to every aspect of the project was impressive. I highly recommend their expertise to anyone seeking top-notch remodeling services."

    Anthony Jimenez


    "As someone who spends long hours in the office, having a serene outdoor space is essential for relaxation. Axel Framing INC's backyard patio design didn't just meet but exceeded my expectations. The design seamlessly integrates nature with comfort, providing the perfect escape after a busy workday. Their professionalism and attention to creating a functional yet aesthetically pleasing space are commendable."

    Kevin Pearce

    Bank Officer

    "Wow, just wow! Axel Framing INC brought my dream outdoor workspace to life. The vibrant and creative design of the backyard deck they made for me is beyond my imagination. It's like they turned my thoughts into reality. I'm so grateful for their unique approach and willingness to make my vision come true!"

    Alvin Davis


    "I never thought I'd be writing a testimonial for a home improvement company, but here I am. Axel Framing INC did some fence work for me, and while I didn't expect much, they surprised me with their professionalism and efficiency. So, yeah, if you need fencing done, they're the best money can buy."

    Rick Castle


    "As a marketing manager, I know the importance of aesthetics and functionality. Axel Framing INC's expertise in creating stunning outdoor spaces is truly commendable. Whether it's their remodeling, framing, or deck design, they have consistently demonstrated a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering results that impress. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their property."

    Pete Wilson

    Marketing Manager
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